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BS-8, BS-16, BS-64

DVAMBS can be used for :

Announcement to any individual, a group or all the stations. Relaying recorded lessons/speech to rooms. Contacting a particular room & getting back, information. Recording of room conversation for enforcing discipline/ patient monitoring and to overcome deficiencies.

DVAMBS is operational in five different modes :

Audio Monitoring Mode : for listening the conversation at a station.

Video Monitor Mode : for live video monitoring at a station.

Address Mode : for announcement at any particular station.

Group Address Mode : for announcement to any group of stations. Any number of stations can be selected. All

Call Mode: to address or playback recorded message to all the stations simultaneously.

DVAMBS comprises of...

Master Unit With this it is possible to communicate with maximum of 96 locations at a time, with remote.

DVAMBS - Base It has a capacity to connect 8/16/24/32/40 /48/64/96 PA Speaker 100 V and a CCD Camera with taper mic for Audio-Video Monitoring of the Classroom in monitor mode of the system. Base can be installed at a distance of 900 mts. from the master unit.

LMT Speaker The PA Speaker-
100V of Secom make should be connected for broadcasting. This comes with line matching transformer of 1.5watts.

CCD Camera Any CCD Camera, either B/W or Color with taper mic for Audio can be connected as per customer's requirement.

Amplifier The power of the amplifier is decided on the number of station speakers to be driven. For 50 stations with speaker of 3watt, a 150watts amplifier is required. You can have ampli-deck for playing cassettes, CD's etc.

Microphone Any PA Microphone can be used for broadcasting. i.e. Tabletop, Tieclip etc.

Multimedi Speaker Any good quality Multimedia Speaker can be used for audio monitoring of the Classroom.


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