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The DVR compression cards are a professional digital security product, adapted to the most advanced H. 264 AVC video compression algorithm and OggVorbis audio compression technology. OggVorbis audio compression technology makes the sound quality smoother, crisper and synchronized. The Newly designed PCB of the card is more compact, steady and compatible.

DVR board uses fully optimized algorithm based on DSP technology to implement video & audio real-time coding, active video & audio preview and motion detection, etc. Video image is directly transmitted from board to display frame buffer and compressed stream data is also directly sent to host's memory. The whole transmit doesn't need any intervention of host computer processor, saving resources of host computer's processor greatly. One Personal computer can support up to 64 channels video and audio input, parameters of each channel can be set independently

High Performance DSP H.264 (MPEG-4/Part 10) HARDWARE video compression standard leads to high compression ratio and good video quality. OggVorbis audio compression standard, with 16 kHZ sampling rate and 16 kbps output bit rate. Real-time video and audio compression, no frame lost. UP to 720 x 576 Recording Resolution (CIF, 2CIF, D1 selectable). 4CIF (D1) preview resolution. Set table I.B.P. frame sequence. Support multi zone motion detection. Multiple display for Live viewing or playback.

H.264 High Resolution Video/Audio Hardware Compression DVR cards

Economical, mobile way of connecting & recording 4 video, 2 Audio camera signal on to existing CPU or laptop, 25 fps. Output goes directly to USB port. Comes complete with software.

  • Programmable recording picture rate and quality level
  • Built in CD-R/W is optional.
  • HDD with internal and external placement optional.
  • Easy to use operation.
  • With or without networking models available.
Standalone DVR

  • MPEG-4/JPEG-2000 compression.
  • Full D1, 720x480 resolution.
  • Display speed-real time.
  • Network function TCP/IP (Optional).
  • Remote control (Optional).
  • Jog Dial (Optional).
Standalone DVR
Economical switcher for combating the high price of DVR cards/standalone DVR at the cost of choosing 4 O/P's from 8 O/P's, with individual group timer automode/ manual mode.

DVR Switcher

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