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Views upto 20 feet (b/w) or 15 feet (color) in total darkness. 10 pcs. of High performance new generation I.R. LED'S used. Models Available :

a) 220V model (SMPS),
b) 12V model ,
c) 220V + Audiomodel (SMPS),
d) 12V + Audio model. Top cover is long enough and acts as a shade to stop glare of lights. 5-pin Din connector with LED is used at the back.

I.R Camera (H)

Views upto 12-15 feet in 0 lux, 12 noís of IR LEDís, 12V DC input, Lens covered with transparent sheet for protection. Back mounting for wall or ceiling mount application. Can be installed in horizontal/vertical direction.

I.R Camera (V)
C I-12 SL
Views upto 30 feet in 0 lux, 24 noís of IR LEDís with LDR to switch OFF/ON IR LEDís in day/night mode to enhance life of IRís. Pan-tilt of camera possible. Front full glass. Best for jewellery/entrance of showrooms. Ceiling mount only. To be installed in false ceiling.
Light I.R Camera
CI-24 SL
Views up to 30 feet in 0 lux, 12 nos of Big IR LEDís with LDR. Outdoor application, IP-66 rating, 6mm lens, Day/Night mode-color/B&W mode. 12V DC input.
Big Led I.R Camera
CI-12 BL
Views upto 350 feet in 0 lux, 133 pcs IR LEDís with LDR. Fully outdoor long distance application. IP-66 rating. 16mm, IR lens. Comes with mount, current drawn 1.6A. Best for Industrial application.
Zoom I.R Camera
CI-33 L
IR source for any B&W/Color Camera, indoor/outdoor application, LEDís with LDR at back, 12V DC, 500 mA consumption, Detecting range-60 feet.
I.R Source (Small)
IR source with 220V AC operation, heater, all weather aluminium outdoor housing with thermostat, LDR (2noís), detecting range upto 150 feet.Good for any cctv camera B/W or color.
I.R Source (Big)

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