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Wide variety of board camera lenses ranging from fish eye lens to zoom lenses. Following lenses are available 2.8 mm-fish eye, 3.6mm-standard, 6/8/12/16/25 mm- Zoom lenses.

Board Camera Lenses

LB-2.8, LB-3.6, LB-6, LB-8, LB-12, LB-16, LB-25

Economical version of lenses for 'C' mount cameras. Range available is 4/6/8/12/16/25 mm. Suitable for cameras with AGC,EI,ANB etc.

'C' Mount Non Iris Lenses

LNI-4, LNI-6, LNI-8, LNI-12, LNI-16

Best option where light in lux to the camers chip has to be controlled for a particular location. Range available 8/12/25mm (MI).

'C' Mount Manual Iris Lenses

LMI-8, LMI-12, LMI-25
Widely used now because of its availability and affordability. Best option for outdoor/moving cameras where there is frequent change of light conditions. Wide range of auto IRIS lenses available on request.

'C' Mount Auto Iris Lenses


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