Passive Infrared Detector (PIR) detects motion in front of it and triggers the alarm through the control panel. There are different models as shown below with different applications. Detail of LED panel (4 zone+1) and other accessories is also explained.


Coverage 10M, Dual passive infrared detective technology, Microprocessor design improves false alarm immunity, True temperature compensation, White light protection, Low current consumption, Pigmented lenses, Selectable pulse count, Compact and attractive design is ideal for residential installations.


Dual PIR and MW technologies, Microprocessor design, True temperature compensation, Microwave range adjustment, Selectable pulse count, White light protection, Top view window and creep zone, Low current consumption, High RF immunity for false alarm prevention (20V/m -1GHz), Pigmented lenses, Anti-fluorescent interference signal processing memory and form-C relay.


Swivel base mount for wall, ceiling or corner application. Comes in matching color of the PIR. Cost of mount is extra, being an accessory.


LED indicates the user functions and installer programming. 3 keypad emergency zones; panic, fire, special emergency. Key-press with audible feed back. Trouble display. LED indication: alarm, power, ARMED, by pass, ready, temper. Back lit key pad. All key pads are temper supervised. Easy to use hot keys for arming, disarming and by passing.


Battery backup alarm panel with transformer for 220V AC operation has unmatched features. For detailes of feature consult the marketing team.
Digital voice module (optional) for 20 sec. information. Can be assigned to follow-me number with 4 telephone numbers.


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