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Indoor pan & tilt unit moves horizontally up to 3550 and vertically +/- 450 Manually controlled through corded remote control. Operates on 220 volts. Load capacity of 10 kgs. All new Pan & Tilt Controller for Indoor/Outdoor Pan & Tilt unit. 220V output for series, at the back.

Pan & Tilt Unit Controller

To control maximum of 8 pan & tilt unit latest and innovative system is to use I.O. units in series. Through this all the pan & tilt units can be controlled remotely. With the help of the system a lot of money is saved as a single cable (upto 1km.) runs from one point to another.


Remote Controller + I.O. Unit

Three pan & tilt units can be controlled independently through this compact & desk top operation is possible. Very compact design to remotely control Pan & Tilt unit.
Multi Pan & Tilt Controller (3I/P & 4I/P)

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